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"We must articulate the need for another party to counterbalance some of the back-and-forth ideas of the major political organizations; we are preparing to set up an echo chambers amid a democracy in this election. The problem is no party, not even the Libertarian party, has a monopoly on being correct. We must stand on the principle of true diversity, which goes past the diverse containers a soul may occupy but is the prevalence of diversity of thought." - Kevin Christopher Reed 


Politics is incredibly fake! It is here I highlight some facts that make me seem appealing. But, I will forgo that for the truth. When a person leaves the mainstream party, they understand they are joining a third party, like the Libertarian party, at the expense of no longer having a robust machine behind them. But what we do have is conviction. We can now speak honestly about the plights of ordinary people. That makes men and women like me leave the mainstream, hoping to combat the social issues of the day with a different approach. The commonality is if you belong to a third party, you have and will become a working-class candidate. No exception to the rule if you are Libertarian, Green Party, Constitution, or Independent. Like the men and women who do an honest day's work, I balance work life, make my sales calls, and bootstrap a campaign to speak on our behalf—working to rise above your station while realizing, like many people, that life is not crystal staircase. Maybe you are reading this as someone who struggles to rise above your station, while public aid seems to create rules akin to "eating out of the hands pushing you into poverty." Perhaps you're trying to hold on to an affordable unit while being subjected to an overzealous property manager or more regulations that say stay below the poverty line. Perhaps you are a small property owner wondering why you can't sell your home for total value as your city or town now gets the right to purchase it for pennies on the dollar. Maybe you are taking care of a disabled loved one or disabled, and you're wondering how we can talk so much about equitability and not have an equitable distribution of public services, especially concerning our most vulnerable population. Or you're probably just wondering if anyone gets it. Well, I can assure you, I'm not like them, but if you indulge me, I will showcase that I am just like you! 

I am Kevin Reed, father, business owner, and proud working-class candidate, and I am running for Governor of Massachusetts.